Uses machine learning to make predictions about crime, terrorism, and other events inside cities

Ryan Teller
Jonny Cash
Mia Donovan

Our Story

We experienced the difficulty of predicting risk on the streets of Baghdad and amidst protests in Bangkok. Unable to find available solutions because of the lack of historical data in most of the world, we set out to leverage machine learning and data analytics to find a way that would allow us to make predictions of risk in cities across the world. We are excited to bring that solution to the security industry.

Our Product

Zoba™ produces interactive maps that display levels of physical risk inside a city in 250m by 250m squares. They are used by security consultants and security managers to keep their clients and employees safe, and by insurance companies to better price premiums in emerging markets.

Our Team

We are a Harvard-based team of military veterans, data scientists, programmers, and risk analysts dedicated to bringing clarity to issues of physical risk.

Americans traveling overseas every year
Cities with over 100k people
Cities we can't map

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